Bhrigu samhita astrologer in mumbai

He gasps as his father's name is read out as well as that of his mother, who has accompanied him on the visit. Badrain from Udhampur.

Mysteries of Bhrigu Samhita

But many scholars express scepticism about the authenticity of the manuscript, a suspicion that is fuelled by the Bhrigus' refusal to allow the text to be examined, pleading it might be damaged. There is no theory in astrology which predicts the name on the basis of a kundli horoscope ," says Vedic scholar Dr Jai Narayan Sharma. All that the family has got is a collection of astrological data on the maximum possible celestial combinations, according to scholars.

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The origin and contents of the massive tome - it weighs 1. The rest of the book was traced to a junk dealer and procured by Des Raj who set up the Bhrigu Institution in However, the volume is not complete. According to legend, the Bhrigu Samhita was composed by the sage Bhrigu more than 5, years ago.

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But this manuscript is only about years old and an analysis of the handwriting showed that it was written by more than one person. Except for placing the brittle sheets in polythene covers, little has been done to preserve the disintegrating pages.

Bhrigu astrologer Pandit Nathulal Vyas is reading my astrological forecast

The family is averse to a chemical treatment of their holy granth book while computerisation and micro-filming seem too quixotic to them. The manuscript's accidental find has been a veritable goldmine for the family. Their air-conditioned palatial bungalows stand out in the middle class area of Hoshiarpur.

The family has also diversified into other businesses apart from astrology such as a school, a college, a textile mill and a rabbit farm.

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From a mere Rs 25 two decades ago, the Bhrigus now charge Rs for each horoscope. No wonder, every TV channel has a programme on astrology these days. In such a scenario, it is good to bring together practitioners of these Vedic sciences and help people learn more about them. He has prepared softwares which require you to just feed in your date and time of birth and it automatically generates a birth chart.

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Other than him, there are astrologers from various parts of the country who have unique methods of telling the future. Pandit Lekhram Sharma of Mandi, Himachal Pradesh tells your birth date and time by just looking at your palm.

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Only some of us have the power to see them and get messages from them. She serves her customers Turkish coffee or tea, swirls the leftover liquid and grounds, and then answers their questions based on the patterns formed in the cup. Many of my customers have come back to me after the predictions proved right. They look so beautiful, and if they bring good luck, then even better.