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She also gives mini soul centered consultations to two callers - tapping into their issues and helping to free them of obstacles!

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Join Maria with her cousin and holistic health expert Gina Caccavalla during a fascinating discussion about wellness and how Gina's modalities for pinpointing and healing others actually tie into astrology! Join Maria with her guest Feng Shui practitioner Maureen Calamia as they discuss how to use the 5 elements in Feng Shui to achieve peace and radiance in your home and life.. Maria celebrates her Birthday week with one of her favorite astrologer - Anne Ortelee.

Together they discuss the very appropriate topic of Solar Return charts - a one year theme chart that occurs near your Birthday and sets the tone of the next year of your life.

Monthly Horoscope: Aries, October 2018

Join Maria with popular return guest Colin Bedell as they discuss health and astrology, historical happenings during previous transits of Uranus in Taurus and so much more! Join Maria with guest astrologer Armand Diaz as they discuss random "hot topics" in astrology. Together they cover questions on Chiron, Uranus in Taurus, Locational astrology and more! Don't miss out on this fun, informative, freestyle show! Join Maria and guest astrologer Dianne Lawson as they discuss Dianne's new book on how to make your relationships extraordinary using the power of astrology as your guide.

Join Maria with popular guest Aliza Einhorn as she shares her wisdom on the power of Tarot as well as some of her personal secrets and tips connected to reading the cards. The ladies also offer tag team astrology and Tarot readings to two lucky callers!

Join Maria and her special guest and cousin, holistic healer Gina Caccavalla as they discuss the power of Ayurveda, Tantra, Astrology and how these tools can help you achieve optimal health and sexual healing. Find out about Gina and her work at www. Join Maria with guest psychic medium Doreen Molloy, who is also an expert on countless metaphysical topics. Together, they demystify the religion Wicca, explaining the basics. You'll soon understand how Wicca complements astrology.

Then, the two tag team read and give astounding romantic news to one lucky caller! Join Maria and her guest Ashley Noel of www.

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Ashley shares her marketing coach tips on how to turn your spiritual gifts into a successful business. Maria adds her personal thoughts and experience. And as it's ruled by chatty Gemini and communication-forward Mercury, "gossiping, chatting and small-talk are definitely also represented here," as described by The Astro Codex.

What it represents: This house is your foundation literally, it's found at the very bottom of the zodiac wheel! Planets here can indicate a lot of energy going toward your family life. What it represents: This house is all about creative energy and the attainment and expression of your pleasure — in short, it's about having fun! This covers things like hobbies and recreational activities that you do just to make yourself happy, as well as all things related to romance, love affairs, and casual sex.

And in a literally creative sense, it also rules over children. It's also considered a house of "luck," so look to the planets you have here if you want to know how you might fare when it comes to games of chance. As Astro Library put it, "affairs of the heart are in the 5th house," so analyzing your planetary placements and sign in this house can tell you about how you deal with these matters.

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What it represents: This house is all about the work and service you put in during your life — what your work ethic is like, how you personally make yourself of service to others, and even the mundane tasks that are required of us in our day-to-day lives. This house also rules how physically capable you are of actually doing work, which is how it ties into your health, too.

This relates to all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, like diet and nutrition, exercise, and the quest for self-improvement. It's also interesting to note that this house is the ruler of pets and small animals, perhaps because of the role they play in both our health and our daily responsibilities. What it represents: As this house falls opposite to your first house of self, so does what it governs. This house is all about relationships and partnerships of all sorts, which includes marriage as well as business partnerships anything with a contract between multiple parties, basically!

Conversely, it rules over negative relationships too, like competitors, enemies, divorces, or lawsuits. As you may have noticed, legal issues are a theme here Libra is the sign of justice, after all , so look out for your planetary placements in this house as potential indicators to be wary of binding contracts. Overall though, this house covers one-on-one relationships on the whole, so planets here may also simply indicate ways in which you relate to other people and function within a community.

What it represents: The eighth house has a reputation for being rather mysterious, wide-ranging, and hard to define — and given that Scorpio is at the helm, it's also stereotyped as being on the darker side. But to sum it up, this mystical house is about transformation. It's a about endings, yes, but also the subsequent new beginnings that they inevitably bring — a natural sort of transfer or exchange of energy.

That probably explains why seemingly random things like taxes are included here alongside things like sex. This house is about personal growth and the sacrifices we must make and crises we must face to facilitate it. What it represents: This house is highly philosophical, as it pertains to our core belief systems, higher learning, religion, and the pursuit of knowledge. Remember how the third house pertains to lower thought? This house, its opposite, rules higher and more complex thought.

Aries - May 2019 Horoscope: In the Money!

In true Sagittarius form, it also rules over our sense of adventure, which includes travels, long journeys literal and spiritual , and foreign cultures or languages. The ninth house is about "living out a dream that is bigger than just you," wrote Spirit Articles on its site.

What it represents: The cusp of your 10th house is located at the tippy-top of your chart, and is also known as your "midheaven. This house governs your public image, reputation, career, social status, and even fame. It also represents authority — which can translate to representing a "father figure" or paternal influence in your life.

Look to your placements in this house for insight on your career path, and watch out for anything that indicates a tendency to see yourself too much through the eyes of other people and become preoccupied with your reputation. What it represents: Unlike the house of partnerships, which focuses more on contractual or one-to-one relations, this house focuses more on community, memberships, organized groups, and working together.

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  4. The eleventh house is the ruler of friendship, teamwork, networking, and additionally, social justice — and a very Aquarian desire to shake up the norm. It also represents our collective or lifelong goals and aspirations for the betterment of humanity, and what we do to make those fantasies a reality. Much of the way one's 11th house manifests is apparently determined by the career-oriented energies of the 10th house. What it represents: Oooh, the mystical and mysterious 12th house. Given that this is the final house in the zodiac, it represents endings as well as the deepest evolution of our souls.