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There are many methods of predicting sports results with astrology. Here are some that work. Journey with a student as he makes his voyage towards knowledge at the feet of a Master Astrologer.

With the assistance of his pet raven and a bad-tempered yak, the Master leads him - and you - step by step through the analysis of over 60 charts, covering a wide range of sports. This detailed engagement with the practice of chart judgement is unique in astrological writing, making this book invaluable not only to sports fans, but to anyone with an interest in predictive astrology. Help Centre. Track My Order. My Wishlist Sign In Join.

Sports Astrology By: John Frawley. Be the first to write a review. Each planet is the part of the symbolic language of the Universe. Those symbols do not belong to us, they are older. The colour is the valour. As one army has the leading colour so we can use that symbol and assign to the planet ruler. As you have everywhere in any chart the sides no matter you have business partners or lover you just use the same share in the event chart of the match.

There is no difference as it is usual in Astrology itself. In any stage we follow the astrological rules. The strength we have if we use dignities both of them, essentiall and accidental but we compare them separately we do not collect them in one score alltogether. We compare separately essential and separately accidental dignities for both sides. The better wins or at least does not lose.

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SImple as that. Is it? So the main problem of understanding this matter what many astrologers have including mentined person in this post is that they wathched several same charts and when they used the same explanations the could not make connection between same ruler as victory team and what they called favourite.

Favourite is the team which we imagine to win. But it is not. About goals they wnated to connect goals with the moon as the moon represnts the game. Non sence.

Sports Astrology

The game has no connectin with victory. So the Moon can show the event but not the winner. The Moon can show the goal but in some aspect and not in any chart. The explanation is also simple depends for whom. The aspects happen in the sky just once so the happen at one match from several at the same time. But it can make confusion why not at the others. Becouse the aspect happens once and we can make of charts , who cares. So the point with goals is to find the rule how they resuts with goals at the matches.

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Nothing else. This is the biggest problem at all.


So how to mix methods? First of all Horary is the method and we here have the system hopefully recognized. U can use in this system any rule from Horary except Moon void of course and Casimi.

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Casimi are under the question becouse the followed logic is different. In short this is all. What is the difference between sports? There is no difference.

It only differs in symbols and in sport's rules, nothing else. Something else about the strength and points we use as value. What are the points and what makes sence to use them? The points are value as agreed or defined. The origins are rules on dignities of the planets, which build the foundation for Horary Astrology. In Natal Astrology, we have the addition of temperament assessment, which gives us deeper insight into the fundamentals of personality.

In the astrology of worldly and political issues — the so called Mundane Astrology — fixed stars, eclipses and the great conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter also play a significant role. In recent years many of the old classical astrological texts have been translated from Latin and Arabic into English and other modern languages and then published.

Therefore, today's astrologers have access to original sources to integrate a new and solid methodological backbone into their practice, as astrology has been enriched yet also been drawn into foggy realms through psychological and theosophical influence during the 20th century.