Pisces moon pisces sun compatibility

Mercury in Pisces is a dreamer. When you date someone with this Mercury placement you will be enthralled at his imagination and creative potential. He can easily express himself with great intuition and sensitivity so the feeling aspect of your relationship is likely to be intense. When it comes to sex, Mercury in Pisces loves to fantasize so get used to it. There are often elaborate scenarios swimming in his mind. This lover will use his intuition during sex to please you and more often than not will be right on the money when it comes to reading your mind about your own desires.

You are intellectually curious on matters of a more practical nature and enjoy doing tasks around the house. You have a deep emotional need to be in a relationship in order to feel complete. However, your strong sensitivity to the attitudes and reactions of others causes you to be easily influenced by them. Crudeness of any kind, such as vulgar language, turn you off. Any conflict that causes disharmony in your relationships is quite upsetting and can adversely affect how you physically feel. You are kind and courteous to others because your emotional well-being is contingent on the approval of the people you interact with.

There is a warm, pleasing charm in your countenance and manner. Domestically you favor places of beauty where you can socialize and entertain your friends. You seek out intimate relationships where you can experience emotional intensity. Consciously or unconsciously you put those you love through many tests to prove their worthiness of you. Unconsciously, you feel a need for your partner to give up something that proves their love for you.

Once they do, you are loyal and protective in every way. However, your serious commitment to a relationship can lead to your becoming possessive, controlling or even jealous. If you are personally affronted or betrayed, you have a tendency to hold grudges or even seek revenge. In a positive way, you have the ability to be a transforming force in your intimate relationships as long as you don't try to re-make others. You are optimistic and have a very idealistic emotional nature. Something inside you is drawn to adventure, travel and even living in a foreign country or even having a relationship with someone from another culture.

But you need a great deal of personal freedom to explore and don't like getting stuck in any routine too long. Heavy responsibilities can feel very restricting for you, causing you to want to escape. You enjoy philosophizing, discussing social values, the spiritual realm and even religion.

But you need to be careful, because you do have the potential to be arrogant and a bit of a proselytizer. There is a very responsible and dignified air about you. You are conservative and respect tradition. But you have an emotionally reserved and cautious nature that can come off as being cold. Behind closed doors, feeling more secure, you're more likely to let go and let the "real you" come out.

You are very serious and opportunistic, strongly identifying with material rather than spiritual values. One of your best qualities is that you're ambitious and will work hard to achieve status, position and financial security. However, because you are driven toward seeking money and power, you may selfishly pursue your own interests.

Fortunately, operating with honesty and integrity is important to you. You come off as detached, independent and a bit of a loner. However, you are emotionally intuitive and have a wonderful capacity to empathize with the needs of the world. Because friendship is one of your basic needs, you are friendly to all, in an impersonal way. Your home is an ideal place for group activities with your many friends. One of your biggest needs in a domestic relationship is the freedom to come and go without being restricted.

You have a fear that emotional involvements will pose a threat to your personal liberty. But when your fears are assuaged, you are loving, fair, trustworthy and loyal.

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You are very psychic and seem to know how things feel even if you've never actually experienced the actual event. Because of your compassionate nature, you are kind and sympathetic to the feelings of others. Your super sensitive emotional nature acts like a psychic sponge, soaking up the thoughts and feelings of those close to you. You can be shy and your feelings can easily be hurt, even when no slight was intended.

The Difference Between Pisces Sun & Moon...

You're psychically vulnerable when you're intimately involved with someone. Back to Moon Sign Compatibility List. In the list below, you can find out what the Moon sign compatibility is for Moon in Pisces. Pisces is connected to the Moon tarot card.

Sun-Moon Compatibility — armosigtaiman.gq

Learn about what the Moon means in a tarot love reading here. Moon in Pisces denotes a compassionate, musical, creative, passive, sensitive, and shy personality. They tend to absorb the emotions and energies of those around them and often needs to take time in solitude away from everything. Pisces Moon must be careful not to escape too much and insted channel their creativity in positive ways. Pisces Moon with Aries Moon will need to work on their relationship to make this work.

Pisces Moon is delicate and sensitive while Aries Moon can be brash and insensitive. To keep this relationship going, a balance needs to be kept, or this union tends to end early.

Pisces Moon can get easily misunderstand independent Aries, and Aries can easily get annoyed with clingy Pisces. This union tends to last as long as Aries Moon allows it to, and more often than not, it is Aries Moon that ends this union. Not the other way around.

Pisces Moon Sign – The Moon in Pisces

Pisces Moon tends to linger around, waiting to receive something from Aries Moon they may not be able to give. Taurus Moon is often a rock to sensitive Pisces Moon, which aids Pisces Moon to do well in other areas of their life, such as in their career and education. Taurus Moon and Pisces Moon often have similar interests that keep the bond between them strong, such as the love of nature and music. This union can be a muse to the couple who might end up creating a home business together. Pisces Moon enjoys that Taurus Moon takes care of the more mundane aspect of the relationship, leaving them free to wonder about the mystery of life as well as artistic pursuits.

Pisces Moon with Gemini Moon is a match between two people who are at times unpredictable and mood changes can occur when you least expect it. Both can end up confused and unsure. Pisces Moon is passive and intuitive, while Gemini Moon is cerebral and verbal. Pisces Moon can become hurt if Gemini Moon makes fun of something they feel insecure and sensitive about. Pisces Moon with Cancer Moon is a very compatible match between two people who are both very sensitive and sentimental.

They share many similar traits, and their emotional needs are also similar.

kessai-payment.com/hukusyuu/comment-pirater/buxef-localiser-iphone.php They are both very in tune to others feelings and needs. Both needs a peaceful environment where they can withdraw with their feelings and focus on their dreams, emotions, and thoughts. They both enjoy a stable family home.

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  6. Sometimes this union becomes too dreamy, and they need to come back to planet earth to accomplish more earthly pursuits. Music, meditations, spiritual retreats, and connecting with nature are the favorite pursuits of this couple. Pisces Moon with Leo Moon can become a very unbalanced relationship that can end up hurting the psyche of the couple.

    Pisces Moon might end up constantly worrying if they are good enough in this relationship, and manipulations can end up hurting this union. Pisces Moon might be too eager to please Leo Moon. There is often a strong physical attraction, however, there might be a lot of misunderstandings and miscommunications.

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